GM Degens Club is where artistic genius meets Cardano's NFT scene, like a wild CNFT party that's shaking up the art world. It's not just an NFT collection; it's a passionate art revolution! 🎨

  1. Scribbling the first masterpiece and introducing GM Degens Club to the CNFT (Cardano Native Token) universe - because every great story starts with doodles.

  2. Twitter Takeoff- Crafting and launching the official GM Degens Club Twitter account while trying not to break the internet. Let's build a community with the finesse of a catwalk model.

  3. Discord Extravaganza- Unleashing the GM Degens Club Discord server, where members can spill their wildest ideas for collection assets and maybe win some giveaways. It's like a virtual party, but with memes.

  4. Website and Whitepaper Blast- Launching the GM Degens Club website and sharing the project's whitepaper. Because in the digital world, even whitepapers need a red carpet rollout.

  5. OG VIP Passes- Handing out OG Passes like candy to holders of 150 OG roles, giving them a 50% discount on minting prices and the power to mint up to 5 NFTs per pass. VIP treatment for the real MVPs.

  6. Schmoozing with Influencers- Sliding into influencers' DMs and trying to be cooler than the other projects. It's like making friends at a digital high school.

  7. Minting Mania- Launching the GM Degens Club NFT collection with 4444 pieces, offering OG pass holders a discount like it's Black Friday for digital art.

  8. Makeover for Your Degen- Letting Degen holders hit the NFT beauty salon for a fee, whether it's a random makeover or an upgrade with bling. Because even digital art deserves a glow-up.

  9. Staking + GM Token- Adding some spice with staking and the GM token to the ecosystem.

  10. Meme Merch Galore- Dropping the first merchandise collection in meme-style, with profits being reinvested into the project. Fashion-forward meets internet humor.

  11. Special Treats for Holders- 3D GM Degens - Creating a special collection of 3D GM Degens for holders because flat art is so last century.

  12. Refund Fiesta- Planning to throw back 100% mint cash to minters/holders in Q4 2025, like a digital rebate extravaganza.

  13. GM Degens Club World Tour- Taking the next GM Degens Club collections to other blockchains like Solana, Ethereum, Matic, and Bitcoin, because why be exclusive to one when you can be the talk of the crypto town everywhere? Holders get the VIP treatment.

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